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“How to Outsmart the Odds”

In her most requested keynote, “How to Outsmart the Odds” Anne inspires audiences to reshape their self-perception and take charge of their lives, regardless of their current circumstances. From her humble beginnings in North Dakota, Anne shares her journey to becoming a two-time founder, CEO, investor, athlete, and influential thought leader. With humor and charm, she imparts digestible lessons on belief systems, fear, choice, betting on yourself, letting go, and unapologetically pursuing more.

Anne’s authenticity and vulnerability guide the audience towards self-discovery, leaving them with a resounding “yes, I can” sentiment. A genuine and empowering speaker, Anne is an ideal choice for events aiming to inspire and uplift.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Change your life by changing the way you see yourself
  • Highlight your uniqueness to elevate your opportunities
  • Put yourself in position to win
  • Stop letting fear make your decisions
  • Accept that letting go is necessary if you want to grow
  • Realize there is more than one right answer
  • Adopt the mantra “I’m going to have myself a Day One”

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Wow, just wow. Anne’s energy and ability to inspire left our audience fired up about their own potential. I highly recommend her for any event.

Jim Boyle, former CEO John Hancock

“How to Start, Build and Scale Your Company

Anne Mahlum, a highly successful entrepreneur and CEO, shares her journey in the keynote, “How to Start, Build, and Scale Your Company.” In 2007, she founded Back on My Feet, a running club for a homeless shelter in Philadelphia, witnessing transformative changes in individuals through sport, community, and hard work. Anne successfully raised funds, expanded programming, and scaled the organization to a $6.5M budget in 14 cities within 6.5 years.

Later, she founded [solidcore], growing it to 100 locations and 2,000 employees in 9.5 years before a $90M exit in April 2023. With extensive experience as a founder, CEO, and leader, Anne is well-positioned to speak on startup life, leadership, scaling, organizational sustainability, branding, community engagement, hiring, fundraising, and the art of successfully selling a company.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Understand what is holding you back from starting your business.
  • Figure out what kind of business makes sense for you to start.
  • Level up so that you can start scaling the business.
  • Work backwards from your goals.
  • Hire and lead the right people
  • Fundraise effectively for your business.
  • Lead and form a succession plan for your exit

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